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She calls it honeymoon but I insist its just vacation

The idea of a post wedding vacation aka “Honeymoon” has been in existence for generations. Boy and girl (who most likely have not even been on a date in case of us Indians) get married, hop on a plane the next day, and surprisingly experience one of the best trips of their lifetime. We….umm decided to change things a bit. Though having known each other for years, we figured spending time together for 6 months post wedding would be ideal to make sure we don’t kill each other on the “Honeymoon”. Just Kidding!!

2 weeks of wedding celebrations in India and we were well short of vacation. We therefore decided to wait few months to accumulate vacation and travel in June instead. The next big challenge….deciding where to go!! With only 1 week of vacation, the decision became more challenging. There is the Caribbean, Tahiti, Greece, Japan, Fiji, Morocco, and the list goes on…With our recent move to California, it only made sense to go out west rather than east. Thanks to the travel channel, we narrowed the list down to Tahiti and Fiji, and finally decided on Fiji. With New Zealand only a mere 3 hour flight from Fiji, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to make a pit stop in the beautiful city of Auckland. 

The trip will begin with an overnight flight to Auckland on June 10th, 2016 with a connection in Fiji. We will spend 3 days/2 nights in Auckland and will head back to Fiji for 6 days/5 nights before heading back home to Los Angeles.

Honeymoon Travel Map.png