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Beautiful Latino that Nav missed out on

Navs whining did get him a window¬† seat for the first flight but I guess he is going to miss sitting next to a beautiful Latino who continues to ignore me as I say hi to her for the 4th time!! The flight is filled with people in soccer jerseys. We are certainly in soccer mode. Adios Murica…..



An attempt at planning the trip…

As much as we wanted to put together a detailed itinerary, lets accept the fact that we are as lazy as it gets and only managed to put a few line items in an excel file. Even the “Project Manager” in the group – Mr. Bansal, disappointed us with the lack of his “self-proclaimed” management skills in driving this to completion. Regardless, we think we know what we are doing and will just hope that we don’t run into major problems (knowing us, we probably will).



I guess it is already time to Check-in

While the Colombian team was busy defeating Ivory Coast, Google sent a friendly reminder that it was time to check-in. YES, it was finally time to embark on a journey we have been waiting for the last 8 months! I checked-in just in time to make sure Nav gets the middle seat since he “loves” it so much. Immense amounts of whining is expected in regards to sitting in the middle on the day of the flight. Only a beautiful latino girl in the aisle seat can now save my fate.

Google knows way too much about our lives
Google knows way too much about our lives


Decisions made over a beer are not always bad

What seemed like an implausible discussion in a bar with some friends will soon become reality. Chirag, Nav, Nikhil, and I will be on our way to South America in a few days for a trip of a lifetime. Trip of a lifetime not because we are going to South America. Trip of a lifetime because our final destination is Brazil – host country for the FIFA World Cup 2014. And guess what? We managed to get our hands on the tickets for the games.

The 2 week trip will begin on June 20th, 2014 in Chicago with Nav and myself traveling to Panama for a day. After spending a day in the home of the Panama Canal, we will make our way to Santiago, Chile and meet up with Chirag and Nikhil. After spending 4 days in Chile, we will head out to Argentina (for 3 days) and end our trip in Brazil.

Hopefully we can use this to keep family and friends up to date on our latest whereabouts. We will try to post an update/photos everyday during our trip.

Itinerary snapshot
Itinerary snapshot