Nadi City Center

June 18, 2016

Having enjoyed the breathtaking Mamanuca Islands, we were looking forward to paying a visit to the Yasawa Islands as well. We decided against that as the one way trip to the Yasawas would take us 4 hours and the visit wouldn’t be worth it without an overnight stay. We therefore decided to take it easy and spend some time at enjoying the beautiful Westin Resort. We slept in and then enjoyed breakfast overlooking the pool. Enticed by the pool and wanting to cool off, we quickly stopped at our room to change and jumped in the pool. While we were in the pool, an older couple noticed that we were speaking in Hindi (well for me a few broken words) and said “namaste.” As we talked to the couple, the older man mentioned that he had lived in India for several years and had some business there. He then continued to say some more phrases he knew and we were impressed by his knowledge of the language.

After spending a good chunk of time lounging around the pool, we decided to make our way over to the port for some lunch and also to explore the port some. We decided to forgo an expensive cab and instead take the local bus towards the port. As neither of us were paying attention and no stops were being called out, our bus drove past the Denarau port and made its way to Nadi. As we were pretty hungry, we decided to stop in Nadi town center to grab a bite. Compared to other countries, finding vegetarian food was very easy. We stopped at a bustling joint for lunch and once again were amazed at the difference in prices when compared to the Denarau resorts. After enjoying lunch capped with a cold coffee, we strolled around Nadi city and browsed the many souvenir shops. At a nearby mall, we even saw sari’s on display and were immediately taken back to a street in India. 

We quickly catch the bus back to Denarau just in time to make it for the Fire dance show that occurs only 2 times per week. We see 4 talented locals dressed in the traditional garb dancing effortlessly while throwing batons lit with fire at the same time. Needless to day, we were impressed by the coordination and courage displayed by these dancers.

We head back to our room and get ready for dinner on our last night in Fiji. We make our way over to the Radisson resort for a Thai dinner. I ordered a Mai Tai and we had amazing Thai food. At the restaurant we notice a small but beautiful wedding reception taking place just below where we were seated. We enjoyed our dinner and watched the happy couple and their friends/family dance the night away.

After dinner, we decide to take the scenic beachside walk back to the Westin. On our way, we eye a relaxing spot on the beach and lay down to enjoy the sea breeze and listen to the waves crashing. I think we actually fall asleep as the next thing we know we hear some screaming which was our cue to head back. After a relaxing day, we make our way back to the Westin Resort just in time to hear our favorite live singer who sang acoustic versions of modern American music with a few classics thrown in the mix. Truly a great way to end the night, we walk sleepily back to our suite and call it a night.

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