And finally time for the much awaited vacation

June 10th, 2016

The day we had been anxiously waiting for some time finally arrived. As expected, we were scrambling until the last minute to pack and get on our way to the Los Angeles airport. We finally managed to leave and reached the airport well in advance (very unusual for Sanchit). We started things out in the right manner with some wine tasting at the airport before boarding for our 11 year flight to Nadi (pronounced Nandi), Fiji. 

IMG_7241 (1)
Wine tasting at the Los Angeles airport prior to boarding

As we make our way over to the gate, we are immediately greeted in true Fijian fashion with smiling faces and a greeting of Bula, which we later learn means welcome. The flight hostesses are dressed in colorful dresses, the seats have pretty coral pillows and blankets and we already feel like we are in Fiji. We get to our seats and take an obligatory selfie on the plane and that marks the start of our long awaited vacation.

Flight Path –> Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji



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