Last day in Sao Paulo

After a great day and game in Brasilia, we returned to Sao Paulo for a day before heading to Rio de Janeiro. While a bit tired from all the travel, we were all very excited to watch the USA vs Belgium round of 16 match.

We purchased some face paint to show our USA spirit and excitement. We also checked in to our apartment, which was in the Paulista area of Sao Paulo. The couple we rented the apartment from, were very nice and the place was clean.


After quickly changing and suiting up into USA gear, we headed to Fifa Fanfest to watch the game. The Sao Paulo FIFA Fan Fest took place in a square in the middle of the city, and can accommodate over 30,000 people.


The atmosphere was electric, as most of the locals were also supporting team USA. The game was very tight, but unfortunately the USA came up a bit short. Disappointed, we grabbed a quick dinner and called it an early night, in preparation for our early flight to Rio de Janeiro the next day. Rio goes to be the most relaxing and stress free part of the journey! Hopefully……


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