One Week Down: Our last two days in Buenos Aires

Sorry for missing a post yesterday everyone. We have been exploring the city of Buenos Aires and taking in our fill of the ‘futball’ in the local country. We started yesterday off celebrating my 25th birthday (its me, Chirag) by finding a local American owned sports pub to watch the USA – Germany game.


Filled with tourists (such as ourselves), expats, and students studying abroad, we outnumbered the German fans by the hundreds. U-S-A chants filled the viewing arena. Even though the US lost to Germany 1-0, it was still an overly joyous crowd, as the US moved on to the round of 16 with a better goal difference over Portugal. We made many friends with the pro-USA crowd, celebrating the win and the birthday throughout the day.



Our third and final day in Buenos Aires was another day of too much sight-seeing (never a problem!). We caught lunch at another local Argentine / Italian restaurant (which we found out was due to the influx of Italians that make up the Argentinian population), with a co-worker / friend (shout out to Curtis) of mine and Nav’s who was in Buenos Aires for work.

The next part of the day was planned to be a walking tour of the city. However, we realized that covering the second largest metropolitan area in South America by foot would be too difficult. Alternatively, we found a hop on / hop off tour bus that took us through the city on what turned out to be a blustery ‘winter’ day in Buenos Aires. Pictures can be seen below, but included stops at the National Congress and Boca Juniors soccer stadium.



Best thing about Buenos Aires is the multitude of different neighborhoods, with each ‘barrio’ having a very distinct look and feel – some were dirty and not so safe while others were of very expensive and modern variety.


Nightcap was the four of us starved boys finding an Indian restaurant to get our fill of non-Argentinian food. Then we came back to the hotel, packed for Sao Paulo, and then Sanch and I beat Nav and Nikhil in a game of Euchre.

First week was definitely a success. Thanks to everyone for following the blog for the past week as we are looking forward to the next seven days.

BRAZIL – here we come!!!!!


  1. Sanchit, we need to talk about those aviator sunglasses.

    Excited to hear about your Brazil adventures! I thought of you all while I watched the games this weekend. Love.

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