Hello Argentina

Yesterday morning, we flew from Santiago to Buenos Aires to embark on our three day journey in Argentina.


Ten minutes after take off, we saw some breathtaking views of the Andes from the plane.


The plane was quite empty so we each had our own row and were actually able to play euchre on the flight!


After we landed and as we drove in to the city, one thing we quickly realized is how large the city is. Additionally, we did not realize just how obsessed the nation is with Lionel Messi!! His name is everywhere in the city, from billboards to posters to newspapers, etc. Chirag who was wearing his Messi jersey, immediately got a shout out as soon as we arrived to the hotel. Seeing this, Sanchit and I decided that we needed Messi jerseys asap so we soon went shopping and bought Messi jerseys as well!!


We then went to a sports bar to watch the Ecuador vs. France game and enjoyed some traditional Argentinian pizza. It was quite different from pizza in the US as the pizza did not have any tomato sauce and just had different vegetables and toppings every other slice.

After shopping some more and them going back to the hotel to freshen up, we later went out again for dinner and decided upon a local Argentinian joint that is known for serving different kinds of cuisine from all over South America. Argentina is also known for it’s wine so we made sure to try some excellent Malbec wine at dinner!!!


After this, we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Today happens to be Chirag’s birthday so we know we have a long day ahead especially with the US vs. Germany game. GO USA!! #webelieve.


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