Santiago city tour

Yesterday was a very relaxing day. We began the day with a nice breakfast in the complimentary Executive Lounge and then made our way to downtown Santiago Plaza de Armas to watch the Chile vs Netherlands football match. After grabbing a cup of coffee we found a local pub to watch the game at, and met some fellow Americans as well. The local crowd was quite disappointed in the 2-0 result, but Chile will still advance to the next round.

After the game, we headed back to Plaza de Armas to begin our Free “Tours for Tips” walking tour. The tour was led by a Bolivian man  named Joaquin, who proceeded to take us around the city for 4 hours. During the tour we stopped at numerous government buildings, parks, cultural establishments, air force club, opera house, local universities.





Joaquin had us try a traditional Chilean drink called “Pisco Sour”, which has grape liquor and lemon juice. Nikhil also sampled a beef empanada.

After the tour we headed back to the hotel to sample some local Chilean wine and some hors d’oeuvre.


So far during the trip, we have yet to find a good local meal and have struggled to find good options. Perhaps, we just need to find the right locations.

Next stop – Valparaiso city on the coast of Chile


5 thoughts on “Santiago city tour

  1. Having time of your life….wine dine roam around drink and then drink some more!!!
    We are totally loving the details 🙂

  2. Post office looks like a majestic place.Presidential palace,opera house looks beautiful but most fav,scenery behind your happy faces…a postcard material.

  3. Town seems tp be beautiful. Surprised that u have not found a gud eating joint . Beta, we were telling u to pack some stuff . . . ha . .ha

  4. Post office looking so majestic!!!Presidential palace,opera house so beautiful.Wow!!!your photo with scenic background looks like a post card.We are very excited that you kids are having time of your life.
    We are part of this beautiful journey thru your blog.

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