Breathtaking Andes Mountains

The four of us decided to spend our first day in chile by going to the Andes mountains.


We decided to rent a manual car and drive to Valle Nevado – the ski resort near one of the highest peaks of the Andes.


Our drive was a bit scary as the roads leading to the top were very narrow and full of curves, but we made it up just fine. The drive was breathtaking and the scenery was amazing!!!


Chirag kept saying “the scenery was so real and breathtaking that it just seemed fake”.




After coming back from the Andes, we freshened up at the hotel and then headed over to a sports bar to watch the USA vs Portugal game. We were quite outnumbered by the Portuguese fan base. Little did we know that the Portuguese ambassador to chile actually organized an event at the sports bar to ensure that all the fans would show up!! While we are happy that US drew against Portugal, it was quite demoralizing when Portugal scored the equalizer with 20 seconds left.


After the game, we headed over to dinner at Bella Vista then decided to call it a night. Next up – city tour of Santiago!!


  1. Wow !!!!!!! Looks so beautiful. Mountains, sitting in the laps of snow looks wonderful.

    Restaurant looking so crowded ?. Is it so special or because of Sunday ? Any way, Excellent. Enjoyyyyyyyyy
    PS-The scenery of mountains, looks similar to Kashmir Valley in India, in winters.

  2. Wow the views really are breathtaking!!! Chirag, I get what you mean about it looking fake. Great job on the blog guys! Keep blogging on so the rest of us can live vicariously through you all lol

  3. Very impressive pictures! Looks like you all are having tons of fun. I am so impressed too with your detailed updates — thank you for keeping us included in all your fun.
    And yes, that USA-Portugal game was so frustrating! Such a good goal on their part though …

  4. Wow! You guys look like models! Proud of you guys to have thought about this brilliant idea to keep us all posted! Have fun and be safe!

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