Layover in Panama

After a 6 hour flight from Chicago, Nav and I finally made it to Panama city, Panama.


While the French football team was busy crushing Switzerland, we were trying to figure out the reason for the hundreds of skyscrapers in the city during the 35-40 minute cab ride. Turns out a lot of wealthy foreigners are buying condos/apartments in the fastest growing economy of Latin America.


After grabbing lunch and napping for a little bit, Sanchit and I first went to the local casino and watched the Ecuador vs Honduras game. Here, we tried some local beers that were quite good and very cheap!! We were astounded when we were presented with a bill of $2.50 for two beers! As we come from Chicago and New York this is unheard of and was a welcome sight.


After that, we headed over to Casco Viejo, the old town. This area is home to churches, the presidential complex, other government buildings and lot of bars and restaurants.


After watching some traditional dancing at a restaurant, we headed over to a popular roof top restaurant – Tantalo where you can see the breathtaking Panama city skyline.



We ended the night in Calle Uruguay, an area popular amongst foreigners with lots of bars and restaurants. We personally enjoyed Casco Viejo more than Calle Uruguay as Casco Viejo was more vibrant and the people were more friendly in the area. Time to catch up on some sleep. Next stop, Santiago, Chile!


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  1. Seems quite interesting. After going thru this post, we felt like a part of the trip. Keep on updating regularly. Love u beta.

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