Decisions made over a beer are not always bad

What seemed like an implausible discussion in a bar with some friends will soon become reality. Chirag, Nav, Nikhil, and I will be on our way to South America in a few days for a trip of a lifetime. Trip of a lifetime not because we are going to South America. Trip of a lifetime because our final destination is Brazil – host country for the FIFA World Cup 2014. And guess what? We managed to get our hands on the tickets for the games.

The 2 week trip will begin on June 20th, 2014 in Chicago with Nav and myself traveling to Panama for a day. After spending a day in the home of the Panama Canal, we will make our way to Santiago, Chile and meet up with Chirag and Nikhil. After spending 4 days in Chile, we will head out to Argentina (for 3 days) and end our trip in Brazil.

Hopefully we can use this to keep family and friends up to date on our latest whereabouts. We will try to post an update/photos everyday during our trip.

Itinerary snapshot
Itinerary snapshot

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